Next Round of Five

It's been quite an exciting time. We have made it through the first ten episodes. That is a great accomplishment for any podcast, but I think it is a particularly great accomplishment for a podcast that requires as much research per episode as this type of podcast does.

In the last five episodes we examined, The Great London Smog that killed thousands of people in 1952, the macabre story of Lady Bathory-the 16th century countess who murdered hundreds of peasants, the Chinese Cultural Revolution which affected that country for decades by postponing the economic boom, the Eruption of Mt. Pelee in Martinque that killed tens of thousands of people and built up slowly over months and the Gas Leak at Bhopal, a completely preventable disaster that brought wide scale suffering to this central Indian city.

Just released is the British Retreat from Kabul. It is a thrilling story about the British foray into Afghanistan in the 19th century that turned into a debilitating route. The next four episodes are already scheduled and posted on the Welcome Page. In the works is a short video.

Also, I am happy to announce that a recent project I was working on as part of the History Podcasters has now been released. The subject is Terrible Leaders, a perfect subject for this podcast. You can hear all of the wonderful segments, including mine on King Leopold of Belgium at