Updates and Feedback

I will be keeping up regular journal entries to let you know about planned future podcasts, email correspondence, follow-up on past podcasts and events. Your participaton and feedback is welcomed. If I was erroneous in any of my podcast information or entirely missed a major point, please let me know. Also, feel free to compliment. I love compliments. I think you will find the Podcast of Doom to be very exciting. It is very much about history, but it is also about human behavior. Not just about how humans behave in the middle of a crisis, but how we behave in the moments leading up to a crisis, and the moments immediately after. This is not just the telling of information available to anyone, this is the analysis of tragic events, and the actions that could have been taken to limit the scale of the disaster. Your input will make the analysis that much more useful and revelant. Thank you for listening. - Dave